User Manual:

After installing DivorcewareNJ, you can find the complete user manual in your C:\Program Files (x86)\DivorcewareNJ folder, named "DWNJ User Manual.pdf"

The Forms

The Guidelines forms will say they are for 2015. That is the last time the layout of these forms were updated.

The CIS forms will say they are for 2013. That is the last time the layout of those forms were updated.

Installation Error: Anti-virus issues

Some anti-virus programs prevent new programs from being installed. You will need to instruct your anti-virus program to allow DivorcewareNJ.exe

Windows might tell you that the program is unsafe.
If you get this message, click the down-arrow and choose "keep".

If you get either of the messages below, click on "more info" and tell it to run the program, anyway.

If you are using BitDefender, you will see this when installing:

Don't click anything on the (above) window, yet!

Click the "Allow" button.

On the next screen, highlight anything that looks like DivorcewareNJ or DWNJ and click Allow.

Then you'll need to click the "Retry" button.

When you first run DivorcewareNJ, you might have to do this with BitDefender: If you are using "Bitdefender" then you will need to "whitelist" it. On Bitdefender's main screen, click on Modules in the lower left-hand corner. Then under Ransomeware Protection, click on Trusted applications. Click the Add button, locate the DivorcewareNJ.exe program, probably in the C:\Program Files (x86)\DivorcewareNJ folder, and click Ok.

Installation Error:

Most probably, you have an anti-virus program that is preventing DIWNJ from creating files in that folder (indicated in the error message). You will have to tell your anti-virus program to allow DivorcewareNJ.exe to write files to your computer.

If you are using "BitDefender": (1) Bring up BitDefender and click on Modules. (2) Click on Blocked applications and see if DivorcewareNJ.exe is on that list. If so, highlight it and click Allow. (3) Click on Trusted applications and see if DivorcewareNJ.exe is on that list. If not, click Add and find c:\Program Files (x86)\DivorcewareNJ\DivorcewareNJ.exe

"Resource file is not valid."

Please try (1). If that doesn't fix it, then try (2).

(1) Go to this folder: C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\DivorcewareNJ\Temp
     and delete these two files: foxuser.dbf and foxuser.fpt
Then click "Yes" on the error window.

or try this...

(2) Uninstall DivorcewareNJ. (This is safe to do. It will not delete your data.)
     Then re-install the program. (Your data will still be there.)

If that doesn't fix it, please contact us at

In the meantime, click "Yes" and continue to use the program. It will run ok. It's just that the message is an annoyance.


Networking: Sharing Data Files

Where the data files live:

The file "DivorcewareNJ.ini" is located on each computer (it is not shared, even if it is in a shared folder). This file contains the location of your data files. It's a txt file and you can edit it if you need to. The DivorcewareNJ program looks into this .ini file in order to find out where your data files are. This is especially important on a multiuser networked environment.

The DivorcewareNJ.ini file is located at:
     On Windows 7, 8, and 10...
     On Windows XP...
          C:\Document and Settings\All Users\Documents\DivorcewareNJ\Data

So, where are the data files, usually? That is, where does DivorcewareNJ.ini point to?

On Windows 7, 8, and 10, the best place to put the data files is in

On Windows XP, the best place to put the data files is in
     C:\Document and Settings\All Users\Shared Documents\DivorcewareNJ\Data
     C:\Document and Settings\All Users\Shared Documents\DivorcewareNJ\CIS

If the data files are on a networked computer, the location might look like:
     on Win 7, 8, 10: \\OtherComputer\Other C\Users\Public\DivorcewareNJ\Data\
     on XP:  \\OtherComputer\Other C\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\DivorcewareNJ\Data\


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