DivorcewareNJ Professional Edition

NJ Child Support Guidelines
Case Information Statement
Uniform Summary Support Order

The September 2021 update
is now available!

DivorcewareNJ helps you fill out the NJ Child Support Guidelines forms, calculate the child support order, and print the necessary forms. DivorcewareNJ was developed by Art Lieberman, Ph.D., a divorce mediator.  Used by attorneys, judges, mediators and individuals since 1995.

The professional version of DivorcewareNJ is downloaded and installed directly onto your computer. This version allows for an unlimited number of cases. Also included are forms for the Case Information Statement and the Uniform Summary Support Order.

This Profession version can be used from multiple computers in your building and the data can be shared among users. (It is not Internet-based.)

And just a note: Don’t confuse the “Guidelines” with the “CIS.” DivorcewareNJ is primarily designed for managing the NJ Child Support Guidelines Worksheets. It also includes a Case Information Statement (CIS) form that you can fill out separately for each case.

  • Automatically prints the NJ Child Support Guidelines forms.   
  • Includes the Case Information Statement (CIS)
  • Prints the Uniform Summary Support Order
  • Context-sensitive help screens guide you through each line. 
  • Amounts can be entered as weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, and/or annual.  No need to have numbers converted to weekly.
  • Provides alternative ways for handling 50/50 parenting arrangements.
  • The “other-dependent” deduction is simple to handle.
  • Pop-up worksheets for health care and extraordinary expenses. 
  • Warning messages for improper or inconsistent use of the worksheets. 
  • Alerts to warn you when a party is below the poverty level and what to do about it. 
  • Preview the final forms on the screen. 
  • Print questionnaires for your clients. 
  • Access to the full text of the Guidelines. 
  • An unlimited number of cases. Tracks an unlimited number of versions of each case. 
  • Lets you keep private notes on each case. 
  • Includes a present-value & mortgage calculator.

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Note: All child support programs require annual updates because the calculations and tax rates change. DivorcewareNJ is the first package out with the updated tables each year.

Requirements: DivorcewareNJ operates under all versions of Microsoft Windows.  The CIS requires that Microsoft Excel is already installed on your computer.

Note to Mac users: You can purchase Parallels (https://www.parallels.com/pd/general/) and a Windows Operating System license, which allow your Mac to run Windows programs!