SPECIAL: If you purchase the 2019 version
after January 31, 2020, you will receive the
2020 version for free when it comes out.

  • Note: All child support programs require annual updates because the calculations and tax rates change. DivorcewareNJ is the first package out with the updated tables each year.

    Requirements: DivorcewareNJ operates under all versions of Microsoft Windows.  The CIS requires that Microsoft Excel is already installed on your computer.

    Note to Mac users: You can purchase Parallels (https://www.parallels.com/landingpage/pd/general/) and a Windows license, which allow your Mac to run Windows programs.


    1 “user”
    2-3 “users”
    4-10 “users”

    NJAPM members receive a 10% discount by entering the “coupon code” on the “Checkout” page.

    “Common Sense Pricing” – One person who has a computer at work and one at home: that’s one user. Two people who take turns on one computer: that’s one user. One office with 5 networked computers shared by any numbers of users: that’s five users.

    If you purchase within 3 months of the release for a new year, there will be no additional charge for that new release. And there is no additional fee for supplemental updates issued during the year.


    To purchase by credit cardclick here

    You can download the program now and start using it. After purchasing the program, you will receive your serial number by email within one hour.  (If you do not receive your serial number email within one hour, please leave a message at (919) 848-9282.)

    To pay with a check, please enclose the following information along with your check:

    • Company name
    • Primary contact name
    • Primary contact phone number
    • Primary contact email address
    • Number of users who will access DivorcewareNJ

    and mail it to…

    Lieberman Consulting Group, LLC
    5812 N. Beaver Lane
    Raleigh, NC 27604-6056
    (919) 848-9282

    We will email to you a serial number unique to your office and instructions for downloading the program.